Condition Improvement
Fund (CIF)

No funding, no fee.
When it comes to our Condition Improvement Fund service, we work on a no funding, no fee basis.
This means that we do not charge for the development, preparation or delivery of your CIF bids, and our professional fees are covered within the funding you receive. If your bid is unsuccessful, there is no cost to you. It’s that simple.
Why do you need CIF Funding?
Secure the funding you need to transform your academy, eliminate condition issues and save significant costs on running and maintaining your estate.

The Condition Improvement Fund is an annual fund provided by the ESFA to help academies, small MATs and sixth form colleges address notable issues across their estate. Our extensive experience in preparing, securing and delivering CIF funding gives you the chance to enhance your estate, fix pressing concerns and reduce your long-term maintenance costs.

A successful CIF bid allows you to undertake numerous projects to improve the condition of your estate, including:

  • Fire Safety & Electrical Upgrades
  • Roof Refurbishments
  • Water Distribution Replacements
  • Heating & Ventilation Upgrades
  • Gas Safety Improvements
  • Safeguarding & Security Improvements
  • Window & Door Replacements
  • Drainage Improvements
  • Block Replacements
  • Asbestos Removal Works
  • Expansion Works

Completing your

To secure CIF funding, a justifiable bid needs to be identified. This is a challenging, onerous process taking approximately 3 solid months to develop, time you likely don’t have available. Our highly-experienced team complete this process on your behalf, taking every step required to give you the best chance of a successful bid.

  • Our surveyors identify the most suitable project for funding across your priority issues, undertaking all necessary investigations on your behalf
  • All information is collated, designs developed, costings/timings settled and risks forecasted in a comprehensive CIF bid
  • All CIF bid documents are presented in accordance with their specific criteria, submitted on your behalf through the ESFA portal for review and approval
  • Following a successful bid, we meet with your decision-makers to re-evaluate every aspect your project, ensuring everyone is on the same page
  • AEC will take responsibility for contract administration and project management, ensuring seamless delivery and keeping the ESFA informed of all progress made

Why Academy Estate Consultants?
Our industry-leading specialists have extensive knowledge of the Condition Improvement Fund and what’s required to secure a successful bid.
With over £125m CIF funding secured for clients over the last 3 years and an 83% success rate, our professionals help your estate resolve concerns and take a big step forward.

Beyond securing your bid, our team have never had a single CIF-funded project cancel, go over budget or be delivered late, ensuring all works meet your expectations.

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