Know the condition of your
estate from top to bottom
Condition surveys give you a firm grasp of your estate’s condition, identifying any issues affecting the wellbeing and safety of your students, staff and visitors. Our experienced surveyors inspect all areas of your estate, including structures, windows, doors, electrical equipment and fire safety, highlighting areas to be addressed and helping you take action.
  • Our fully-qualified professionals complete non-intrusive visual surveys and 5-year plans for your estate
  • Identify health and safety risks across your estate, helping you achieve compliance with the ESFA ‘Good Estate Management Guidance’
  • All findings encapsulated in one effective, easy-to-digest document, designed specifically for education professionals
  • We help you create a bespoke maintenance plan based on your survey, prioritising key issues to ensure effective budget management
No funding, no fee.
Our promise to you.
When it comes to our bid writing service, we work on a no funding, no fee basis. This means that we do not charge for the development, preparation or delivery of your bid, and our professional fees are covered within the funding you receive. If your bid is unsuccessful, there is no cost to you. It’s that simple.
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Why Academy Estate Consultants?
At AEC we have years of experience conducting extensive condition surveys for educational establishments.
Our tailored survey reports are structured for ease of use and filtering. This offers a clear snapshot of your site’s condition and what works are required to ensure you stay compliant and provide the safest environment for teaching and learning.

As well as complete a thorough inspection of your site, our maintenance plans offer expert guidance on how to approach your estate’s priorities. From identifying regular maintenance tasks to helping you estimate costs for larger projects within a 5-year window, we support you in understanding your estate and forecast its improvement.

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