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Cost Planning

Effectively budget for
your next project
Straying outside your budget for a project can hurt your finances and restrict future developments throughout your estate. Our specialists ensure the costs behind construction works are never an issue, providing accurate forecasts of prices and ensuring your budget is allocated appropriately.
  • Extensive experience delivering and estimating projects for schools, academies and MATs
  • Plan your budget to effectively distribute your funding over the course of your project
  • Prevent unaffordable projects from hurting your long-term estate strategy
No funding, no fee.
Our promise to you.
When it comes to our bid writing service, we work on a no funding, no fee basis. This means that we do not charge for the development, preparation or delivery of your bid, and our professional fees are covered within the funding you receive. If your bid is unsuccessful, there is no cost to you. It’s that simple.
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Why Academy Estate Consultants?
With years of experience working in the education sector, our team prides itself on providing an accurate, honest assessment of the costs involved in your projects.
We examine your plan in detail, collating any further information required to ensure all estimated costs are accounted for and clearly presented back to you.

Our strong understanding of building methods, site logistics and delivery essentials means you are kept aware of your obligations, and helps you plot out your CIF, UCS, SCA and other forms of capital funding so projects never exceed your budget.

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