Further Education Capital
Transformation Fund (FECTF)

No funding, no fee.
When it comes to our Further Education Capital Transformation Fund service, we work on a no funding, no fee basis.
This means that we do not charge for the development, preparation or delivery of your FECTF bids, and our professional fees are covered within the funding you receive. If your bid is unsuccessful, there is no cost to you. It’s that simple.
Why do you need FECTF Funding?
Secure the funding you need to upgrade and transform your college, eliminate condition issues and save significant costs on running and maintaining your estate.

The Further Education Capital Transformation Fund is a two stage application process to help colleges and FE institutions address large scale condition concerns via new build replacements, refurbishment works or remodelling of existing spaces.

Our extensive experience in preparing, securing and delivering academic funding streams gives you the chance to enhance and overhaul your estate, reducing long-term maintenance costs, whilst providing an environment for teaching and learning to prosper.

Completing your

To secure FECTF funding, Stage 1 applications must identify and establish the condition need, whilst providing outline project costs and deliverables.

Stage 2 applications will need to demonstrate enhanced and detailed costings, robust deliverability solutions and risk management procedures.

Our highly-experienced funding team complete both application stages on your behalf, taking every step required to give you the best chance of a successful bid.

  • Our surveyors identify the most suitable projects to secure funding across your estate, undertaking all necessary investigations on your behalf
  • All supporting information is collated, outline designs developed, costings/timings settled and risks forecasted in a comprehensive bid
  • All documents are presented in accordance with their specific criteria, submitted on your behalf through the Jaggaer portal for review and approval
  • Following a successful bid, we meet with your decision-makers to re-evaluate every aspect your project, ensuring everyone is on the same page
  • We take responsibility for all contract administration and project management, instructing your chosen contractor and ensuring seamless delivery

Why Academy Estate Consultants?
Even though the Further Education Transformation Fund is a new funding stream, our specialist team have already helped FE providers secure funding to transform their estate.
Our comprehensive, proactive approach has secured in excess of £10m during the first year of available funding.

Working closely with your team from start to finish and with a full working knowledge of the FECTF bid criteria, we are well-placed to ensure all works are delivered within budget and programme.

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